Step 1: Home Staging Consultation

​We offer both daytime and evening appointments to accommodate your schedule. We prefer to see the property in the daylight, especially if we will be selecting paint colours. The consultation generally takes one hour to one hour and a half. We will walk through your home and suggest what you should store, how the furniture should be arranged and pick paint colours if necessary.

​Step 2: Quote

​We provide all of our clients with three quotes within one business day of the consultation. The first "Basic" quote will include everything that we have discussed with the home owners and can include, but is not limited to, furniture rental, accessories and decorative elements, art work, textiles and flowers. The second "Premium" quote includes added décor pieces, dining room place settings, and extra artwork and accessories. Our third "Luxury" quote will take your home to another level. With upgraded furniture and textiles, extra accessories, and decorated outdoor spaces, this option will wow anyone who will visit your home.

​We offer these options to every client in order to help their home realize its' full potential on any budget without compromising overall design and give them choices they've never thought of before that can help their home stand out in this competitive market.

​Step 3: Staging and Photography

​We can work with your furniture and accessories, arranging them in the best way possible in order to make your property look its' very best. We can bring in some of our accent pieces, such as decorative pillows, area rugs, bedding, dining place settings, artwork, and lamps to add to what you already have and to 'make everything come together". For some properties, including vacant homes, we bring in everything from beds, to sofas and dining sets, artwork and décor elements. We help the buyer visualize how they can live in the space and make your home stand out from the competition.

​On the day of the photoshoot, we work directly with professional real estate photographer on-site, making sure that everything is in order, showcasing your home's most attractive features,  making it as attractive as possible so the pictures on MLS look better than your competition.

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​Our client strategy

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