STAGING SERVICES              $1000 and up

Have a vacant or occupied property ready for re-sale? Our experience has proven that tastefully staged properties sell faster and for much higher amount then empty ones. Let our team help you get top dollar by bringing your home to life with uniquely curated furniture and accessories. We will help your home stand out in this competitive market.


We are very well versed in mixing styles, sourcing unique products, and working with existing pieces to create distinctive and intriguing interiors. Our team as managed a variety of projects - large, small, contemporary and eclectic, with a focus towards transitional design. Our experience, education and enthusiasm for interior design motivates us to create harmonious and beautiful spaces out clients will enjoy for a lifetime.


open concept condo in richmond hill, vacant home staging, contemporary living and dining rooms with modern upholstered light grey furniture, glass coffee and end table set, large artwork and blue accents and decor

Pricing is a combination of space, needs and overall time spent completing the project. For an in-home estimate, contact Sasha at 416.557.8148


Staging & Interior Design

​ACCESSORIZE                        $500 and up

We will focus on finishing and rejuvenating your interiors with accessories, such as artwork, textiles and accent pieces


In-home consultation, where we will suggest a new colour scheme to rejuvenate your home based on your preferences, furnishings and home's finishes


Whether you need help selecting building materials, such as tile, flooring, trim or counter top, or need advice on light fixtures, window coverings, furniture, floor and table lamps, artwork and accessories, we will assist you by accompanying you to the store of your choice or one of our industry suppliers and helping you with the selection and decision making. We will ensure all the pieces selected reflect your personality and style and together create a beautiful and harmonious space in your home